november 9, 2019

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Fort Harker - Kanopolis, KS

Old School Paranormal had the opportunity to investigate Fort Harker on January 16, 2016 as well as a follow-up investigation on January 29, 2016.


On February 21, 2016, OSP conducted a live reveal to nearly 100 people and had an awesome time!  Here's a short video of the occurrences.


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November 9, 2019

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Hodgden House - Ellsworth, KS

Old School Paranormal is a fully  insured paranormal investigation team that seeks to research the unexplained.  Based out of western Kansas, but serving all of Kansas and beyond, our team conducts private investigations into the paranormal in a professional and scientific manner.  Although our team formed in late Fall 2014, individually, we have investigated countless locations in central and western Kansas and Iowa for the past seven years.  


Old School Paranormal was the first paranormal investigation team allowed access to this historic location in Ellsworth, Kansas.  


Although this large museum complex has many historic buildings on the property, our primary focus was the 1878 Hodgden House and the 1880s livery stable.

The video results are presented here.

This is for information only.  Hodgden House is not part of the haunted tours.

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